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Defining project management roles in our organization

For the needs of the project, which is to be launched next week, it is necessary to appoint a colleague with extensive experience who will perform the role and functions of Functional Project Manager.

Functional Project Manager

As a new employee, my idea was to consult a Human Resources Manager to refer me to a fellow programmer with extensive experience and established positions in the department who could perform the role of Functional Project Manager. He will evaluate the effectiveness of the project development in its phases and will report to the Project Director. Reference: “The Project Manager and their responsibilities – how to become one”, 2019,

Mr. Stevens, depending on the scale of each project, and its nature, for consistent, smooth, and successful completion and achievement of the set goals are usually appointed employees of the organization who will perform specific functions and roles in the development of the project.
The aim is for the roles in the project that the employees will perform to be as close as possible to the functions of the job positions that they perform in the organization. This will help to achieve optimal implementation of the project phases, such as deadlines and quality.

Robertson pointed out that we should define the following roles in the project: Program manager, Project Sponsor, Project Director, and Steering committee. Reference: “Project manager vs Program manager vs Project sponsor: Differences and responsibilities”,, 2020,

Certified Program manager

Certified Program manager – A certified program manager is a role in project management. Reference: The program manager usually manages programs that cover the strategic management and connectivity of two or more projects that are part of an entire activity. For this role, I think the most suitable is Paolo Giuliano, Co-Founder and Global Director of Corporate Development.

Project Sponsor

Project Sponsor, Project Sponsor. According to the specifics and importance of the project, I would like to suggest that we divide the role into two sub-roles – Executive Sponsor and Project Sponsor.

The Project Sponsor is the role of an employee who is a high-level manager and can make strategic decisions that are not within the remit of the project manager. Reference: “Typical roles in project management practices and projects”, 2020, The sponsor represents the project to the top management of the organization, defending the positions of the project manager and his team to the top management and assists in the rapid removal of any obstacles that hinder the work of the project team. For this role, I think Julia Rich, Senior Marketing Manager, is appropriate. Reference: “Project management roles and positions” by Liam James, 2020,
For the Executive Sponsor, the most suitable employee to perform the role is you, Mr. Stevens. The Executive Sponsor shares responsibility with the Project Director has the authority and responsibility to make direct decisions on important issues regarding the resources and budget that can be used for the project. Depending on the project and the organizational level of the Executive Sponsor, he may delegate daily tactical management to the Project Sponsor.

Certified Project Director

Certified Project Director – A certified project director is a role in the project management process that is responsible for project management at the strategic level. The project director is usually the person who manages resources and controls the finances to ensure that the project progresses according to the schedule and the budget is used according to the set parameters.

The project director reviews the regular progress reports and makes personal, financial, or other adjustments to bring order and direction if necessary. The project director usually manages a team of project managers. To perform this role, I propose to be taken over by Liam James, Regional Product Director. Reference: “What is Project Management”, 2019,

Steering committee

Steering committee – A steering committee is a role in project management, usually understood as a group of high-level stakeholders who are responsible for guiding the overall strategic management of the organization. The Committee shall assist in the dissemination of information relating to the organization’s strategic moves. The Steering Committee is considered a particularly valuable body if the project has an impact in many organizations because it allows the exchange of information with these external organizations, which can contribute to more accurate and timely decision – making concerning ongoing projects. For members of this Committee in our organization, I suggest Samantha Smith, Senior Project Manager, Peter Brian, Global Supply Director, and Anthony Jones, Regional Director of Human Resources.

Mr. Stevens, I remain available if you consider a different composition of the Committee or decide that the roles that Mr. Jones has assigned are appropriate to be performed by other staff. In my opinion, these are the right employees and the roles in which they would be optimally effective for the implementation of the project.

Author: Anton Radev

Front-End Web Developer

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