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The Scrum Master introduces his colleagues to the Scrum processes and answers questions

The Scrum framework is a modern way of working in thousands of teams around the world. However, when you first introduce Scrum to your project, your colleagues may be confused.

This will eventually lead to questions that you as the Scrum Master need to answer accurately and help your colleagues understand the situation. Thus, the transition of your project management process to Scrum will be easy and smooth.

The Scrum Master answers his colleagues about the changes in the company with the transition to the Scrum framework

Here are sample questions from colleagues asking the new Scrum Master what will happen to their work. The Scrum Master is responsible for all. You can read these questions and answers and use them in your work.

Can I keep my current project manager role and not participate in the Scrum roles? – Jerry, Project Manager

The project manager is a position that is not involved in working with Scrum methods.
Since you have worked for many years in this profession, I assume that you have enough experience in market research, establishing consumer needs, and creating a vision for a product.
Before we move forward and see if the role in Scrum suits you, I would like to have a conversation next week where we can get to know each other and briefly exchange experiences.
I would like to explain to you the roles of scrum, and how the work goes, but also to learn about your way of working. Have you worked with a development team before? Do you have technical knowledge? Do you prefer to work alone or in a team? How do you organize your time? Are you used to prioritizing tasks? Can you imagine self-organizing and working in sprints (e.g. two-week intervals)? See more examples at: “The transition to the Scrum framework for teams and projects raises questions“,

I don’t see Scrum supporting my role. What will this mean for my career at our company? – Peter, Technical Manager

First, I would like to know more about you, your position, and your way of working.
Mr. Georgiev informed me that you are an extremely valuable employee of the company and you have a very high level of technical knowledge. This can be of great help to us in the next project.
I can imagine that you would fit in well in the Product Owner role.
In our next meeting, I will briefly explain to you what the duties of this position are and we will discuss any other doubts or questions you may have.
I ask you in advance to have no prejudices about Scrum methods. More on the topic: Real Scrum problems of the Scrum Master role during the Daily Scrum meeting
Think about some things like – do you enjoy working in a team? As a CTO, you have no problem with technical concepts, but how about communicating with customers? Creating a product vision? And the most important question is, are you ready to deploy and optimize your knowledge?

Do I have to participate in the events being talked about? I’m a designer and I don’t see the point of attending meetings that don’t concern our design. – Katerina, graphic designer

I understand your preconceptions. Like all people, I assume that the unknown scares you, which is completely understandable. Before I was introduced to Scrum techniques, I too had my prejudices.
I will answer you in the following way. Scrum does not oblige anyone for anything. However, the methodology is teamwork. That is, based on set criteria, you organize your work in the way you want.
If you’re open to finding out a little more about what’s in store for us in the next product, don’t hesitate to contact me. However, I would heartily advise you not only to give Scrum a chance but also to yourself. More: Scrum Master or Scrum Developer. Choose by yourself: Professional Scrum Master vs Professional Scrum Developer
After explaining to you the main steps of work, I am convinced that you will not only like it, but you could even find satisfaction in attending certain meetings that will support and develop your creativity and make you feel even more valuable member!

I don’t understand exactly which of these will improve our work. – Steven, Programmer

First I would like to tell you that I have sent you a Zoom invite for next week. The other colleagues from your team will also be there. In this session, I will tell you more about working in Scrum. Reference: Scrum example team and projects scenarios
In short. Working in scrum is defined as self-organization. That is, you and the team will evaluate the assigned tasks yourself and decide how many of them are feasible for the given time and how you want to complete them. You will have much more transparency and communication with each other.
If problems and delays occur, a task can always be discussed and accordingly moved to another period.
In this way, the stress on the developers is reduced and the level of quality is accordingly raised because you will not be overwhelmed.
If I’ve piqued your interest at least a little, I’ll be glad to see you next week.

I’m very excited about integrating Scrum into our work and can’t wait to get started. Can someone tell me what and how I will do exactly? – Barbara, PR expert

I am extremely happy that you are so positive about integrating Scrum. This is the first step on the road to success and you have already taken it.
As a public relations expert, I assume you have a large role in communicating with clients.
I would like to know more about you and your work. Maybe you can think of some of the most important abilities that describe you and we can review them during our next meeting.
As a specialist in a certain field, you have a lot of knowledge, which is a great advantage. We’ll have to find out if any of the roles at Skarm are a good fit for you. For example Scrum Master or Product Owner. Since I see that you express a great desire to get involved, I would also review which trainings are suitable for you. Through several pieces of training, we will further develop your abilities and guide your knowledge in the direction that will help to start future projects.

I would like to be appointed to the Product Owner position. – Isabelle, Advertising Manager

I am glad that you have expressed a desire to inform yourself in advance about scrum techniques.
First of all, I congratulate you on this initiative, as it shows a willingness on your part to get acquainted with something new and give yourself a chance.
As an advertising manager, I assume that you have a very deep knowledge of both the markets, products, and leading trends, as well as the moat of what consumers want and how to communicate with customers.
I have a question. Do you have the technical knowledge and have you worked with developers before?
Next week I have scheduled a session to talk about Scrum and your future position in the company.
I don’t think there is any obstacle to taking the position of Product Owner if you are willing to learn and develop in this direction. More about the Product Owner role: Product Owner role in Scrum and real problem situation
Some people know but lack the desire or the soft skills. And there are people like you who have the desire. And with such motivation nothing is impossible.

I would like to participate in Scrum roles as Product Owner. – James, Project Coordinator

I am very glad about your positive email. As a coordinator, you are familiar with many of the tasks of a project, which will be of great benefit to you. This role that you want to take on has its peculiarities, but we will talk about those next week.
We will analyze your skills, tell you more about the Product Owner role, and see what the next steps are.
The company will also organize training in the direction of Scrum.
It is important to me that you show interest and willingness to develop in another direction.

I would like to join the Scrum team as a Quality Master. – William, Head of Quality Control

I will start my email by saying that nothing is impossible! To begin with, we will discuss your current position and what tasks you perform.
The role you are talking about does not exist in the scrum environment, but as a QA you can be brought into the development team where you are responsible for product control and testing.
With your experience and knowledge, I believe that the right position will be found for you.


Author: Anton Radev

Front-End Web Developer

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