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The certified project manager decides the roles in the project

The certified project manager decides the roles in the project
The certified project manager decides the roles in the project

Barbara Cooper is the Certified Project Manager for our project. She will present her proposal for the roles in the project.

Barbara has been a Certified Project Manager for 4 years. He has a total of 7 years of experience as a project manager. A total of 10 years of experience in administrative activities. Ms. Cooper received her latest document from BVOP this year, majoring in BVOP Certified Project Manager. Reference: “BVOP Certified Project Manager, BVOPM”,

About her project management qualification

I, fortunately, passed my certification exam a few months ago. In 2019 I passed my PMP certification exam from PMI. BVOP is mentioned in the report “Top 40 Project Management Certifications for 2021 and 2022”, author Ashton Williams (, ISSN: 2652-5445),

PMP certification is also well established and is quoted in the study “The Best Project Management Courses for 2021 and 2022”, author Marta Cooper (, ISSN: 1941-8280),

I suggest you make certain of my authoritative papers and read the article “Best Project Management Certifications for 2021” (,

The proposal of a Certified Project Manager for the roles

I propose the following distribution of roles and their functional involvement in the project structure.

First to share about colleague J Smith and his desire for a Functional Manager. It is good for someone to monitor the efficiency of the project manager. It is useful to have a corrective, but I think that the colleague does not have enough experience as such and given his professional commitment in the company’s activities will not have a good impact on the productivity of our department.

For Project Sponsor – Mr. Jones. He will have overall authority over the project. To provide funding and give the green light for implementation.

The program manager will be Mr. A. Andrews. He is a certified program manager. As a participant in each project, I think that his role here is appropriate and necessary. He must be a direct participant and be involved in every stage and have his support and expert opinion on the whole spectrum of the company’s activities. All Project Managers on the various projects are required to report to him.

Mr. A. Andrews has a PMP certificate from PMI and a BVOP Certified Program Director.

I am proposing Ms. Paula Barbara as Project Director. She is the Product Director and should be a participant in the project, her qualities and creativity would help to optimally manage the resources needed for the project, as well as budgeting costs.

Ms. Barbara also has a PMP certificate from PMI. Other documents include CSM, PSM, PSPO, PRINCE2, and BVOP Agile Director (BVOAD).

For the Management Committee, I would recommend several people who will help and assist in making strategic decisions, as the project will have a serious impact on several structures and units of the company. Their involvement in the structure will allow a broader view of the impact of the project in the various directorates.

I suggest including here Samantha Liam (marketing strategy). Juliana Roberds (communication channels and product patenting). George Carlos (selection and proposals of supply contractors for the needs of the project).

Involving more participants from the Top Management is a guarantee for responsible and progressive planning and implementation of the project, leading to successful completion in the planned time.

Responsibilities of the Certified Project Manager

I offer myself the role of Project Manager, which is key to the project. Here are some of my main duties and responsibilities:

I report to the Project Director every week

I participate in the weekly meetings with the Project Sponsor together with the Program Manager and the Project Director

I am directly responsible for the timely implementation of all stages, milestones, and releases

I participate in consultations at the Management Committee

I lead the Project Coordinator

I follow the instructions of the Program Manager and the Project Director directly.

I can go into more detail, but at this stage, I think I have been useful to you. I look forward to your opinion and recommendation for my participation in the project.


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Final address

We have gathered today to clear the atmosphere and the tense relations between the teams to improve our overall work on the project.

I am a Certified Project Manager of the project and I observe some negatives in the interpersonal relationships, which lead to difficulties in working on the project.

First of all, I want to tell you that as a Certified Project Manager, I am not the boss of anyone, but I am responsible for the project. Your bosses are the team leaders of the individual teams. Whenever you have problems, you can turn to them as well as to me.

For a company to function properly, the various units in it need to work in sync, respect, and strive for positivism. Sometimes the work is too much, which can lead to nervousness, but never doing it to someone else can be positive.

Each of us contributes in his way to the success of the company, and when the company is successful, it can only lead to positive things for us – its employees.

Let’s work together and try to achieve the necessary development of the project. I am open to any suggestions for improving the course of work. If you have questions or need help, you can always contact me.

Author: Anton Radev

Front-End Web Developer

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